Attiva Soft & Bounce Perm CW (Cold Wave)

Attiva Soft & Bounce Perm CW (Cold Wave)


VOLUME : 2x400ml


Advanced formulation with Cysteamine, gently penetrates evenly and deeper to hair shaft for creating soft even curls with bounce.  Gentle penetration will minimize swelling of the hair shaft and leave the cuticle damage-free.

Hair Type

  • Normal hair

How to use

  • Pre-damp hair with perming lotion if hair is longer than 15 cm.  Wind hair on curlers as required.  Apply lotion to wound hair evenly at least twice, from nape towards the crown and process accordingly.  For better results, take a test curl after every 5 mins.  After processing, rinse thoroughly with warm water for minimum 5 mins.  Towel blot each rod to remove excess water.
  • Apply Neutralizer and process accordingly.  Remove rods, rinse hair thoroughly with warm water for 5 mins and towel blot.  Proceed with styling.


  • Contains Cysteamine
  • Has deep conditioning elements that protect the hair whilst being treated chemically.


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