Rebonding Cream Set

Rebonding Cream Set


VOLUME : 2x1000ml


Ionic Straightening Perm is specially formulated for relaxing and straightening all types of curly hair.  Enriched with vitamin minerals, the formula proves to protect the hair texture while achieving a natural straight result when used professionally.

Hair Type

  • Curly hair

How to use

  • Shampoo hair, blow till 80% dry.
  • Apply XP1 (Relaxer) on hair, section by section beginning from nape towards crown.
  • Process 20-30 mins (normal hair), depending on porosity of hair texture.
  • For colored hair and re-growth, apply to roots first.  For the ends process 3-5 mins only.
  • Check the degree of softening, it should be as resilient as a rubber band.
  • Rinse hair thoroughly and blow till 80% dry.
  • Using a hot iron, iron hair till it is straight.
  • Apply XP2 (Neutralizer) to entire hair.
  • Process for 8-10 mins and rinse thoroughly.
  • Proceed with blow- drying.


  • Contains vitamins.
  • Has deep conditioning elements that protect the hair whilst being treated chemically.