Follicare Thinning Hair Tonique

Follicare Thinning Hair Tonique


VOLUME : 100ml


Formulated with a blend of citrus extract, Procapil and Ginseng Extract, to increase the flow of nutrients to the hair. At the same time intense nourishment is supplied to arrest daily hair loss leaving the hair thicker, stronger and more stabilized.

Hair Type

  • Thinning Hair
  • Hair Loss

How to use

  • On washed hair, comb into sections
  • Apply Thinning Hair Tonic evenly to scalp
  • Gently massage the scalp. Massaging action increases flow of nutrients to the hair.

**Do not rinse.

  • Repeat on a regular and if possible on a daily basis


  • Contains a blend of citrus extract – Procapil, that fights DHT and prevent hair loss.
  • Procopil is a new natural revolutionary way that fights the hair follicle aging process, and strengthens hair from the root.
  • Has Ginseng extract, which activates the hair root through improved circulation,
  • The combination of vitamins provide nourishment to the roots.